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Alpaca Diamond Wedding Package

£775.00 + vat

We can provide enchanting, beautiful, trained pedigree alpacas to attend your wedding, bring your rings down the aisle and provide lots of opportunities for the photographer and guests to capture some truly magical moments from your day.

Our animals can make the perfect addition to your celebrations as they entertain, charm and beguile your guests with their huge big brown eyes, long eyelashes and teddy bear looks.

In addition to wowing your guests as they bring the rings into your ceremony, the alpacas will be on hand for unique photo opportunities with your professional photographer and of course multiple opportunities for guests to get up close and personal with these endearing furry friends.

The alpacas will be brought to your chosen venue and penned in a secure location with our experienced handlers. At the appointed time, either our handlers can walk the animals into your ceremony, or your best man, or another groomsman can be briefed on how to do this. Following the ceremony the alpacas will be available for unique photographs with the bride and groom and will no doubt entertain your guests while the photographs are being taken.

Once the bride and groom have had their own special moments with the alpacas, we will walk the alpacas on lead ropes amongst your guests, where professional and informal photographs can be taken. Organza feed bags will be provided for guests to hand feed their new furry friends. Of course we can’t guarantee that the alpacas will oblige, but they do love the feed and are highly likely to take advantage of extra treats!

  • 4 halter trained pedigree alpacas to attend your wedding for 2 hours
  • 2 alpacas to bring in your wedding rings to your ceremony
  • Special bride & groom photographs with the alpacas
  • Alpacas available to entertain your guests while your photographs are being taken
  • Alpacas will be walked amongst your guests on lead ropes
  • The chance for great alpaca ‘selfies’ for your guests
  • Some memorable professional photographs with the alpacas for your guests if you wish
  • Organza feed bags provided for guests to offer to their new found furry friends


Professional photography courtesy of Alexis Jaworski

Pinnacle Alpaca Weddings: Ring bearers
Leading the alpacas
Leading the Alpacas
Alpaca Selfies
Alpaca Selfies
Celebrating with alpacas
The happy couple are greeted by our alpaca
Alpaca kiss
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