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BAS Affiliated Trainer


BAS Affiliate Training Scheme

At Pinnacle Alpacas we recognise that comprehensive and practical training is hugely important and a key ingredient to the success and enjoyment of owning and breeding alpacas.

Both Hilary and Tony Monkcom are recognised trainers with the BAS Affiliate Training Scheme, so you will be in safe hands when you choose to attend a Pinnacle course.

Practical Alpaca Training

The BAS Breeders Practical Alpaca Training is divided into 11 modules which cover everything from the very basics, right up to marketing your own alpaca business.

Courses at Pinnacle are run in the comfortable surroundings of our studio building, with ample opportunity to get outside and to get hands on with the Pinnacle Alpacas in our bespoke covered areas.

It is of course important to ensure you are dressed comfortably and appropriately for both the forecast weather and for working with the animals in order that you can fully enjoy all the practical aspects of working with the alpacas!

List of BAS Affiliate Training Modules

  1. Catching your alpaca
  2. Fitting a head collar
  3. Basic Halter Training
  4. Feeding and basic alpaca management
  5. Vaccination, Worming and Supplements
  6. The Alpaca – what to look for
  7. Alpaca Breeding & Mating
  8. Birthing
  9. Understanding Shearing day
  10. What to do with your Alpaca Fleece
  11. Marketing your Alpaca Business
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