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Alpaca Ring Bearers Wedding Package

£375.00 + vat

What could be more adorable than having beautiful, trained, pedigree, alpaca ring bearers to bring your wedding rings down the aisle?

For guests and the bridal couple this can be a magical moment on your wedding day as your surprised guests look on in absolute astonishment at these wonderful, majestic, gentle animals bringing in the rings at your wedding ceremony.

We can provide beautiful pedigree and perfectly halter trained alpacas to walk your rings down the aisle at your ceremony and to pose with the bride & groom for that once in a lifetime photograph.  The alpacas will be brought to your chosen venue and penned in a secure location with our experienced handlers.  At the appointed time, either our handlers can walk the animals in to your ceremony, or your best man, or another groomsman can be briefed on how to do this.  Afterwards, the alpacas will be available for a special photograph with the bride & groom straight after the ceremony.  The animals will then be quietly whisked away back to their fields and friends.


Professional photography courtesy of Alexis Jaworski

Pinnacle Alpaca Weddings: Ring bearers
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